How To Write Webcam Interaction Assignments

A webcam exercise has three parts: an assignment (context+instruction) a clip with an actor and the response of the participant. My last blog was about writing the assignment, this one about making a good clip.

Tips for the script

Suppose your assignment is as follows:
You are a salesmanager and in a meeting with client Bob his willingness to buy seems to decrease. Find out why.
What is the text for actor Bob? For example:
Lets take some time, perhaps its better to discuss this again after the summer, there is a lot going on in our firm and I prefer a good landing of your proposition.

The precise text is not that important but it is relevant to consider a few ‘rules’:

  1. Keep it short, between 5-50 seconds
  2. Stay close to the learning objectives and goals, 1 exercise=1 goal and often this difficult enough. It helps the coach to give his feedback directly on the learning objective
  3. Trigger the participant by provocation, formulation, too vague or too clear etc.

Tips for acting

Good acting for a webcam exercise is about

  1. Really empathize with that skeptic customer, angry colleague etc.
  2. Support the message with appropriate emotion (better a bit too much than too little)
  3. A credible actor in terms of pronunciation, clothing, setting

Tips for recording the clip

Because most people are accustomed to YouTube quality and the goal is working material rather than a short movie, we recommend to keep recording simple and practical:

  1. A well lit area without environment issues that distract
  2. Use a fast and pc compatible device such as a small camera or Iphone or use the option ‘record from webcam’ in the TrainTool author environment
  3. Work towards a clip that is 1:1 useful so you do not need to edit. That means focusing on start/stop moment and better 5x times over rather than cutting.

Good luck!

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