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Blended Partner

You can easily fit Smart Video Role Play into your own tailor made training programs. TrainTool functions as a supplier or subcontractor, without affecting the collaboration with your client. Wether you offer open enrollment or in company programs, training programs will be followed on yourname.traintool.com. If the organization is already working with Smart Video Role Play, we just add your program to their account. We'll also help you with:

  • Content development

    Trough design, production and/or check

  • Implementation

    Personal advice and automated measurements

  • Information

    Your team will be developed and supported in execution and sales

The great thing is that it can be done at any workplace or at home, at any moment. This makes it more flexible for us to deploy training programs. It takes less time and allows for more practice.
christiaan pothoven
Christiaan Pothoven
traintool smart video role play reseller


If your client prefers to access their programs themselves, to create their own content or generate personal reports, you can offer them their own Academy. This way, they are the sole owner of the data on their account, responsible for their own privacy and able to integrate Smart Video Role Play into their Learning Management System. As a Reseller, you'll receive a commission for every license purchased in this way, while there is no need for you to deal with any contracts or administration.

Content Partner

Would you like to distribute your expertise? We're happy to collaborate. As Content Partners, we'll create strong training programs that can be offered by us both. Based on your expert input in the form of theory, conversation models and practice scenario's, we'll develop scripts and produce the Video Role Plays which form a training program.

We believe in your expertise and therefore offer it to any applicable organization. The joint training program will appear on our website, in our academies and deployed where relevant. Moreover, we gladly call on your expertise when a client requests tailor made content on a similar topic!

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