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Custom Content Creation

You're looking for the most relevant content without having to bother creating it yourself? We'll deliver just what you need. Learn more

Skill Store Shelf

Pick our best practice programs off the shelf to save time & cost while making sure you're using a tried-and-true training program. Learn more

Do It Yourself

If you've got the expertise, why not create your own Smart Video Role Play program? We've made it easier than ever for you. Learn more

Custom Content Creation

Realistic, relevant and recognizable custom programs. Owned by you.

Based on experiences with hundreds of topics for a variety of participants in all industries, we know exactly which steps to take to efficiently develop a training program that fits your needs. Each Smart Video Role Play program contains weekly series of role plays filmed in our own studio or at a specific location, such as your office, to optimize their recognizability. Simulations mirror the daily situations your employees are facing, while we're translating your organizational knowledge into specific behavior. Meanwhile, you are in complete control of your programs and will always remain the owner. 


Cases have clearly been developed in cooperation with colleagues from the field, which makes them very recognizable.
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Skill Store

Immediately use off-the-shelf best practice programs.

We offer an ever-increasing library filled with off-the-shelf training programs based on years of experience and improvement. Often created together with our specialist content partners, they are available for all kinds of sectors and cover a wide range of soft skills. If you're looking to get started quickly within your budget, this is your pick. 

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Do It Yourself CMS

Easily create or curate your own content.

We've made it simpler than ever to set up your own online training program. A clear template, quick tips and our extensive guide help you develop a Video Role Play in a couple of minutes. If you already have existing content in the form of video, audio or text, you can implement it to create a seamless training experience. Leverage your expertise to the fullest by providing an unlimited number of participants with your very own Smart Video Role Play program.

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