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Multi-channel customer contact

Today, customer contact is carried out via different channels, where you want to communicate the same message and show uniformity towards the customer. Your employees create a real connection by listening with understanding and offering the right solution enthusiastically. Convincing conversations result in higher revenue and conversion. The client’s needs are key, and your employees can explain complex products in a simple but correct manner. In addition, your customer contact is uniform on every channel: over the phone, chat or WhatsApp, your employees use the same tone of voice and they process complaints efficiently. This way, you synchronise your multi-channel customer contact. 

  • Consultative selling

    The customer’s needs are finetuned in order to utilize sales opportunities.

  • Telephone service & sales

    Uniform language use and tone for a higher conversion or NPS.

  • Complaint processing

    Unsatisfied or emotional customers are treated with empathy.

  • Chat & WhatsApp

    Solving problems efficiently, offering solutions enthusiastically.


In consultations, your employees uncover the client’s needs and they advise the right product in a convincing manner. In order to do so, it is important that they make the client feel at ease, ask effective and analysing questions and acknowledge and name any resistance. Thus, a fitting advice will be formed and is communicated with confidence. Thorough knowledge of the product combined with strong negotiation skills results in the customer getting the best solution in his or her situation.

  • Client's needs are central

    Knowledge of the product combined with identification of the customer’s needs.

  • Consultative selling

    Improve conversion by cross selling, upselling and additional selling.

Leadership & Management

As manager, often times you experience the effect of good communication with your staff. Managers have to give the right example, they have to coach their employees, give feedback and inspire. However, they also have to conduct assessment and performance interviews and call out their employees on absence and more. These communication skills have to be well-developed to increase revenue, conversion and customer orientation. Such a manager develops him or herself as well as his or her staff, while the organisation as a whole becomes more effective.

  • The complete HR cycle

    Effective and emphatic conversations with employees.

  • Coaching and giving feedback

    Giving the employee feedback in an inspiring way.

TrainTool fits the times perfectly, because it is simply cheaper and more effective to train online
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Jasper Kuipers


Not just customer contact has to be optimal, efficient internal communication is very important as well. Good internal communication means a pleasant working environment, effective processes and better service. Build cohesive teams where results are achieved that would have been impossible individually. The result is an organisation in constant development, where everyone understands each other.

  • Giving feedback and making agreements

    Clear internal communication for more effective teams.

  • Netwerking and connecting

    Relationships within the organisation are built and strengthened..