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The same sales team development worldwide

Important deals are closed by people with good communication and commercial skills. From a short pitch to a conclusive negotiation, all situations ask for rehearsed skills that bring more self-confidence and efficacy. Advising enthusiastically, with the right tone, is combined with giving thoughtful feedback and creating multiple possibilities. The right closing techniques lead to a successfully closed sale. A skilled manager with the right set of soft skills can bring such a team to the next level. Such leaders inspire, and communicate in a clear and transparent way, because they recognise situations and because they know how they can react effectively. In addition, you want your sales teams to speak the same language. Train these teams and managers worldwide in the same efficient way to reach the same level of competence everywhere.

  • Product and company pitch

    Your sales team presents your company and services or products in the best way possible

  • Outside sales

    Increase your revenue and conversion from sales meetings.

  • Inside sales

    Even without a physical meeting your sales team will convince the client.

International communication

Cultural diversity can be an important strength within your organisation. However, it is required of managers and employees to deal with this in the right way. Awareness of cultural differences and similarities has a large influence on internal communication, and it can build cohesive teams. Next to this, you have experienced the importance of fitting communication with external international relations. Knowing how others want to be treated can be a great advantage for your organisation. The result of smooth communication and mutual understanding is a stronger bond with your clients and stakeholders.

  • International call centers

    Create a uniform customer experience all over the world.

  • Intercultural communication

    Use the power of your organisation through optimal interaction.

On-demand assessment & training

Within your international organisation you want to assess and train communication and commercial skills whenever this is necessary. On an individual level as well. At the same time you know the importance of uniform assessments and training worldwide, to make sure the same skills are trained in the same way and results can be compared. This is why we offer our online training on-demand: managers and employees can train wherever and whenever they want to. For example:

  • Communication in virtual teams

    Virtual collaboration asks for an efficient communication.

  • Working with colleagues from another culture

    Make cultural diversity a strenght in your organisation.

  • Doing business with another culture

    Know how clients and stakeholders are used to communicate.

  • Coaching

    Giving feedback and coaching in different cultures, worldwide.