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Customer contact in the store

Your conversion and revenue are dependent on your staff’s skills, and this is becoming more and more important while the number of physical customers is decreasing. Does the staff approach customers in a friendly way, and do they help the customers as required? But also: Do they link buying signals to the right product, and do they seize upselling opportunities? These skills can be taught and improved through online training, where virtual customers help your staff to improve their communication and commercial skills within the store environment. You can see the result in a higher revenue and conversion.

  • Store concept training

    Translate what makes your store unique into behaviour, for new and existing staff.

  • Customer orentation

    Your staff is always ready to help the customer in the best way possible.

  • (Additional) sales

    Teach your staff to always seize opportunities with confidence.

  • Dealing with complaints and difficult questions

    Employees are solution-oriented and react in the right way.

  • Dealing with aggression

    Your staff knows how to deal with frustrated customers.

Customer service & E-commerce

Because of the growing popularity of online shopping and customers that are better informed, the role of your employees is changing. This does not mean they have become less important, on the contrary: customer satisfaction is now determined by experiences in stores, via phone, chat, or maybe even Whatsapp. This satisfaction translates into positive reviews and a higher NPS. That means not only product knowledge, but also communication is important. The way of communicating should be uniform through all channels, with a short AHT. Not only new, but also existing employees can bring customer satisfaction to a higher level this way.

  • Customer contact via phone, chat and Whatsapp

    Increase customer satisfaction with uniform treatment through every channel.

  • Online and offline shopping

    Your staff will be confident and accommodating, when, for example, online orders are picked up from the store.

It makes a huge amount of difference that staff can train both in store and at home.
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Merel Vollenberg

Leadership & Management

Retail managers have a great influence on their staff’s performance. They give the right example, they coach and inspire their employees, and they give feedback. In addition, they conduct effective performance and assessment interviews, they have to call out an employee on absence and they have to show empathy. Such a manager is developing him or herself as well as his or her employees, while the organisation as a whole becomes more effective.

  • The complete HR-cyclus

    Effective and emphatic conversations with employees.

  • Giving feedback

    Giving the employee feedback in an inspiring way.

Training specific to the product

If your staff always has the right product knowledge and knows how to communicate this to the customer, there will be more satisfied customers and higher sales. In other words: a higher NPS combined with a higher revenue. This is why you should make sure your staff is able to earn new things quickly and that they can practice this right away, so that they communicate it correctly to the customer. In addition, a better knowledge of a specific product group can help to increasing conversion. 

  • Answer frequently asked questions

    Always a good answer to FAQs regarding products.

  • Highlighting your own brand

    Your staff knows how to offer your own brand in the best way.