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More practice

Communication is something to do in practice. You can simulate this in live roleplay with live feedback. However, now you can also do so with online roleplay and online feedback. Here, the participant can get unlimited and specific practice and the trainer can give specific feedback. In addition to, or as a replacement of, classroom meetings the trainer will become a valuable coach to usually a lot of people. Face-to-face will be used for in-depth situations or further personal guidance.

You can offer your participants the possibility to practice the skills that are relevant to them, unlimitedly, with TrainTool Smart Video Roleplay. In advance, during, or after to secure the skills that have been acquired. You can build a relevant programme easily with preparative theory, multiple choice questions, self-reflection, example videos and, most of all, video roleplays. Participants can train on their smartphone, tablet or PC and you have the possibility to give feedback individually in order not to lose sight on the development of your participants.

Winner TrainTool proves that e-learning can, in fact, offer ways to boost skills. The concept is powerful in its simplicity.
Innovative E-learning Award

More measurement

The non-committal nature of trainings with good evaluations is being called into question. The client is asking more and more for an objective and statistical analysis of the effect of the training. Whether an employee actually does something can be seen on the floor, but whether he or she is actually capable of something, can be mapped in detail with TrainTool Smart Video Roleplay. Your expert opinion added to self-assessment causes the level of the individual, competence or the team to be made transparent.

  • Baseline or intake

    At what level do the participants start? What skills ask for extra attention? Is this training relevant for this participant?

  • Endline or outtake

    Is there progression between baseline and endline? Can we see the effect of the training? What development tips can you give?

  • Testing of the norm

    Is this participant on the required level? Can we, as trainers, garantuee that he or she has actually obtained the skill?
It is more efficient, costs less and asks less of both employer and employee.
Bob Seemann

More customization

Customer-oriented communication works differently for a health insurer than for an accountant. Not because the skills in itself are different, but because the content of the consultations, the frequent situations and the jargon is different.

You know exactly the finesses of your client’s challenges, and what the norm for communication skills should be. Working as a Content Designer you can quickly and easily develop tailor-made video roleplays. Record your Video Roleplay and add your own explanation, questions and potential tests. Everything can be done on your tablet or smartphone, our system takes care of everything else.

The advantages:

  • Strengthen your in-company offer with a blended approach

  • Customization strengthens the recognisability for participants and, therefore, the training effect.

  • A more strategic collaboration with your client by going deeply into the required norm for communication skills.

Online training is a great and safe first step in training soft skills.
Marcel de Leeuwe