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6 reasons why it's time for mobile training

Look around you in the street and chances are you'll find most people staring at their smartphone. Nowadays, a large part of daily activities is done in the palm of your hand. Isn't it rather strange that you aren't able to just follow a training session through your smartphone? Here are 6 reasons why you need to implement mobile training this year!

mobile training man phone1. We use our smartphones more and more

Nowadays, the first and last thing we see on a day is our smartphone. On average, we perform 221 tasks on it on a daily basis, which is 58% more than on our PC.1 In addition, 27% of the American people included in a study by Google exclusively use a smartphone on an average day.2 The percentage that only uses a PC is just half that. Together, these activities take up to 3 hours and 15 minutes each day, in which we are looking at a little screen.3 By offering training on mobile devices, you will reduce the threshold to start training and increase the participation level.

2. The number of mobile employees will double. Or triple.

Working from home, a bring your own device policy, video conferencing: all these kinds of developments make employees more mobile. Researchers from Gartner expect the number of employees that are dependent on mobile devices and technology to double or even triple within the next year.1 Getting these people together for a live training session, at a time that is convenient for everyone, is particularly inefficient. Mobile training offers an alternative: unlimited exercise at your own time and at any location, without sacrificing any effectivity.

3. We expect answers at our fingertips

Nowadays, almost 40% of us only search for information that we might need immediately on a smartphone. We are used to fulfilling a need immediately, and this also applies to training needs. If we want to practice skills that are relevant for a type of conversation or presentation that we will require in the near future, that kind of exercises should be available immediately. Since you always have your smartphone with you, mobile training is always available.

4. Your employees want it to happen

Making a mandatory training program available on mobile devices increases productivity by 40% compared to computers. In addition, almost 60% of employees say they would use their company's e-learning tools more if the content was split into several shorter chunks.5 And that's where mobile training presents itself as a great fit: it makes people practice at any time of the day, any day of the week, as we see in our mobile training statistics.

5. Mobile learning already took the leap

Even more so than mobile training, mobile learning is now being implemented in organizations. When it comes to knowledge (learning) instead of skills (training), almost half of these now use e-learning in mobile form. And with success: 70% of employees are more motivated to learn and 72% are more involved than before m-learning was implemented. The learning speed on smartphones, relative to PCs, has also been increased by 45%. What are you waiting on?

6. Infographic

If those reasons didn't convince you yet, check out this infographic summing up the mentioned statistics and some more!

1 http://www.tecmark.co.uk/smartphone-usage-data-uk-2014
2 https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/articles/device-use-marketer-tips.html
3 http://www.allencomm.com/blog/2016/04/rise-mobile-learning/
5 http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/bid/331987/mobile-learning-stats-that-will-make-you-rethink-your-training-strategy

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