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Reflection is progress

In countless speeches at countless Christmas and New Year’s drinks, we invariably look back on the year that is behind us. Just for a moment, though, because we’d rather look ahead. Towards the new year, which promises so many new possibilities. Even so, it’s good to reflect on the things that have happened. The same goes for training as well!

reflection is progressReflection

‘Stagnation means decline’, it is often said. The Dutch poets at Loesje oppose: ‘Reflecting on your actions means progress’. Everyone involved in education and training will confirm this. When you take time to look back on your actions, when you ask yourself why you did what in what way, what that says about you, how it feels and whether you would want this to be different, then you’re learning. And of course, by answering these questions.


Because reflection is so important for learning, we placed self-appraisal at the heart of our Video Role Plays. After responding to a role play, the participant appraises their own recorded performance guided by a number of statements. The critical view they pose on themselves stimulates a direct learning effect. Participants become more involved in their own learning process and start looking at their performance on a meta level. With result.

Take your time

There is another reason that this moment of reflection is at the center of our training programs. The main enemy of reflection is time. So, take your time to take a break and look back. You will be familiar with the image of a shop or an office full of hard working people, too busy to see if things could be done differently or in a smarter way. If there is one regularity that goes for reflection, it is this: if you don’t have the time for reflection, that’s exactly when you should take it.


These dark days at the end of the year are perfect for moments of reflection. Take a specific situation, ask yourself questions about your actions, how they fit you, what you would want to do differently, and think of how to make this happen. Even better: talk about it while preparing the turkey and include the other person’s feedback in your reflection. On to a successful new year!

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