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communication strengths scan
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Mapping soft skills

Objective scan of crucial skills.

Communication Strengths is a scan that gives you an objective view of the strengths and further developable soft skills in a particular area of the people in your organization. Together with academics and HR professionals from different industries, we’re determining which communication skills are crucial in every area. Each participant’s level is objectively scanned using Smart Video Role Play. We have identified nine areas, some of which are still under development. Each area contains a set of related communication skills.

communication strengths scans
Method scan communication strengths

Scan method

Realistic Smart Video Role Play.

The extent to which an employee masters certain communication skills is determined by online video role plays. Participants react to pre-recorded situations  after receiving a description of the situation and exercise. A person appears on the screen of their smartphone, tablet or computer and after this person has finished talking, the participant records their own reaction. The submitted video is then evaluated by a TrainTool assessor. Every Video Role Play is related to a specific skill and every scan contains about fifteen Role Plays. This way, thousands of employees can demonstrate their skills at the same time. Read more about Video Role Plays here!

Individual Communication Strengths

Trigger for personal development.

As an individual participant, you are the only one who sees your scores. The personal report shows your own strengths and points for improvement, thus confirming your ability while triggering further development. Employees can share this on their own initiative with a manager, coach or HR professional, and use it as a starting point for conversations about functioning, development, training and growth.

The scan shows that your strength lies in presenting! If you want to bring this to an even higher level, check out how to further develop your skills here.

By practicing asking follow-up questions, you could make your conversations and agreements with colleagues even clearer.
communication strengths scan
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Aggregated Communication Strengths

Benchmarking on team level.

As a manager, you receive an overall report with the aggregated outcomes of the Communication Strengths Scan. We split the results into subgroups such as department, branch or function profile. These results are presented in straightforward graphs with a clear explanation. This way, you'll see the level of each subgroup and discover opportunities for development. The report also contains a management summary, in which we present our conclusions and provide advice based on the results.

Privacy and confidentiality

Dutch data center and ISO certification.

To ensure the privacy of our users and clients, we apply a carefully elaborated privacy policy. All data is processed in a secure data center (ISO27001 certified) in the Netherlands. Individual test results are directly linked to the relevant participant and not shared with the client. The results in the overall report received by the client are not derivable to individual employees.

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