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soft skill analytics

Drive development on a strategic level

Intelligent testing methodology and statistics-based service to drive communication skills in your organisation.

Support your training investment

Analyse the correlation between specific skills and operating results, raise these to a higher level and measure the result.

Benchmark and predict skills

Compare groups within your organisation and predict in what way improved soft skills can contribute to your operating results.

Strategic soft skills tests

Measure what's important.

Communication skills are often called important, but only rarely are they made important. TrainTool Soft Skill Analytics helps you define the communication skills that are important for your organisation and make them completely measurable. Clear reports give you insight into the level of each individual and the entire organisation. But most of all: you can find out if the trainings that you offer, are actually increasing the level of soft skills.

soft skills competences

motivation sales skills

Motivation and context questionnaire

Motivating and creating possibilities.

Whether the training is going to yield results, in the training itself as well as on an operating level, is never just dependent on the skills. The participants’ motivation and obstructions in the environment seem to be just as important. Using a questionnaire based on statistics we analyse your target group and we conclude if there should be a training, who should be trained and in what way they should be trained.


Comparing and identifying opportunities.

Benchmarking within your organisation makes it possible to identify opportunities for growth. By comparing divisions, departments or countries, it will quickly become clear where there is a need for development. A driving source of information in the field of soft skills that was not yet available: what gets measured, gets done.


benchmarking soft skills

predicting operative results

Predicting operating results

“Increasing the level of competence by 30% leads to a 14% higher conversion.”

Do better communication skills actually lead to a better operating result? And if yes, how much will it benefit your organisation? In different areas we analyse the effect of communication skills on the operating result using statistic research, to predict how much room there is for improvement.

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