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smart video role play 

Effective and user friendly

The participant completes a lifelike situation in a few minutes. They record themselves, reflect, and practice again.

Save time by training anywhere

Save costs and time by offering online role plays to your employees, available through the app.

Unique insight in level and progress 

Check the participant’s level regarding each skill through self-appraisal and tests.

Swiftly start with relevant content

Whether you use our growing library or let us design content for you, a unique training becomes available in an instant.

The leading platform for online developing and measuring of soft skills.

Video role plays

Proven didactic model: imitate, understand, practice, reflect, share.

Our video role plays are based on Kolb, Ericsson and, most of all, tens of thousands of participants. Communicating well is a matter of practice. Each Role Play consists of a preparation with theory and an example, a short conversational situation that the participant reacts to and self-appraisal. The latter helps to reflect. To improve, the users can re-record their responses as many times as necessary. A successful exercise can be shared with the coach and friends or colleagues in order to receive feedback.

video role play camera
smart video role play timeline

Timelines & push notifications

Developing and securing as a continuous process.

The development of skills is a continuous process because of the new Role Plays that become available to the participant each week. The participants are notified of a new Role Play with a push notification, and the Role Play can be completed at any time during the day, wherever the participant feels comfortable. The skills are constantly secured in this way and, therefore, they are always up to date. Consequently, Video Role Plays are often employed within a blended program, to secure or refresh soft skills.

Skills dashboard

Unique insight into the level of communication skills.

Training is not a goal in itself. It’s about really trying to obtain the skill. This is why we check the participant’s level constantly with interim exercises and why they can decide what exercises are relevant. Extensive reporting possibilities give insight into the progress and the development potential of the individual.

video role play dashboard
video role play feedback

Coaching and feedback

Gather and compare the opinion of others.

How often does someone really get personal feedback on their communication skills? Through TrainTool, participants are able to share exercises with colleagues, coaches and/or friends, in a safe way. This allows them to compare the feedback with their self-appraisal. It makes the process more fun and creates a lot of insight.


Anytime, anywhere, any device.

Skills will be obtained better if you practice more often, for short amounts of time and dispersed over time. It should function as an integrated component of daily life. This is why TrainTool is available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and why these are used in more than 50% of the cases.

video role play devices
A great way to practice conversational skills. It forces you to only tell relevant things. It’s both fun and educational!

Bank employee

It’s all very clear and the way of working is easy. I would love to apply this to practice, even with classmates!

It’s always good to train and we should do it more regularly. With this tool we can train more often, even if it’s simulated. Way better than training only once or twice a year!


It’s a good way to practice without pressure. I’d prefer to have more of a dialogue, though.


I really liked the way in which theory gets put into practice. Things that weren’t apparent to me at the beginning, became clear while practicing.

Bank employee

Looking back at yourself teaches you a lot. Often, you come across different than you might think. I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of it now.

Civil servant

I think reflecting on yourself is very useful. The preparation exercises are giving you a feeling of what to expect in the next exercise.

Bank employee

It’s definitely a fun and effective program. I find it very educational to have to practice specific situations yourself.


It’s a nice and approachable way to practice certain situations. The tips were very useful and it’s pleasant that you can decide for yourself whether you want to look at the preparation every time.


A great way to practice and give and receive feedback. The fact that I can watch my response and repeat the exercise as many times as I want until I’m satisfied, gives me space and complacency.


It’s quite confrontational :), but as you practice more, you start conversations in a more natural way. This also teaches you the importance of showing empathy, for example.


It’s both confronting and educational to reflect on yourself like this. The tool is great for time efficiency, especially because you can choose your own moment to train.


It’s very useful to practice each question step by step, review yourself and then repeat.

We gladly show you how it works!

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