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Communicating with citizens

Public Affairs employees represent your municipality. The impression they make at the counter decides whether or not the customers are satisfied. Making the right impression does not happen automatically. Customer orientation, service for citizens, how do you translate these things into practice? Rules are complex, social media increase the pressure on customer service staff and citizens have higher expectations. Finding the right words, approaching the customer with the right tone, it is all crucial. Managing expectations and handling resistance, for example. When your staff succeeds in all this, citizens will even accept a ‘no’. That is excellent service too.

  • The best customer contact at the counter

    A friendly and customer oriented treatment.

  • Customer contact over the phone

    Citizens are helped efficiently and according to etiquette.

  • Handle frustration and aggression

    Your staff reacts to frustrated citizens correctly.

  • Handle specific population group

    Your staff knows how to help specific population groups.

  • Chat, email and social media

    Uniform customer contact via every channel of communication.

Online training is independent of time and place, which is very practical. On top of that, training is quick, low-cost and 'the store' does not have to be closed!
traintool government municipalities
Henrie Janssen
Municipality of Gennep

Internal collaboration and personal effectivity

Not just customer contact should be optimal, it is also important that your employees work together efficiently. Good internal communication results in a pleasant working environment, effective processes and a better service towards the citizen. Process thinking, digitisation or the organisation as a network: these current developments ask for a new set of communication skills. To be able to work together, employees need to be conscious of their role, they need to be able to switch roles and draw conclusions. Next to this, your staff’s personal effectivity is also a factor. Help them improve themselves by practicing situations where they are having trouble. Make sure that they are authentic and inquisitive and deliver quality service. The result is an organisation where everyone is developing constantly. 

  • Procedural skills

    Abstract ideas are translated into practical processes. 

  • Outcome-oriented working

    Continuing to ask questions and being flexible to reach the best outcome.

  • Personal identity

    Conducting dialogues and solving conflicts using personal insight.

The great thing about this tool is that everybody gets the chance to train themselves, instead of just a few people.

traintool government municipalities
Derk Kok
Municipality of Nunspeet

Communicatie met politiek en bestuur

Communication between governance and politicians in a municipality runs differently compared to a team or to customer contact. Political fragmentation, changing relations and sudden media attention ask for unity within the organisaation. Therefore it is very useful to practice this sort of communication in the right way. This includes communication of processes and specific action points, but also the building of relationships and connections within the organisation. Up to a very practical level: how can we talk, email, discuss in the best way possible? This results in better internal cohesion and processes that run more smoothly.

  • Networking and connecting

    Relations within the organisation are built and strengthened. 

  • Authenticity, integrity and inspiration

    Act on your organisation’s key values. 

Unconciously, everything sticks with you. Also due to the fact that the practiced situations are very realistic. I recognized a lot of things from my own experience.

traintool government municipalities
Monique Peters
Municipality of Gennep

Coaching and leadership

As a manager you will often notice the effect of good communication with your staff. Managing also means coaching, giving feedback and supporting. Feedback and coaching that are communicated in the right way can be very useful. A good manager supports his or her team to become more independent and to be more focused on outcome. Managers also conduct effective performance and assessment interviews, they have to call out employees on absence and they have to show empathy. Such a manager develops him or herself and his or her employees at the same time, while the organisation as a whole becomes more effective. 

  • The complete HR cycle

    Effective and emphatic conversations with employees. 

  • Giving feedback and coaching

    Giving the employee feedback in an inspiring way.

I mostly heard people say how great it is that basic things are practiced in a very specific way.
traintool government municipalities
Henrie Janssen
Municipality of Gennep