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We feel most proud when customers call us to let us know that the methodology visibly works and both the personal and business goals have been achieved.

We almost never lose a customer. Nearly every pilot we conducted, led to broader implementation. Our customers report:

  • Higher and visible learning effects
  • Ease and efficiency: reach anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Cost reduction
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Utrecht University
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Utrecht University: "Learning in a safe environment where it is OK to make mistakes"

utrecht university

Soft skills: indispensable, even in academia. For example, if you’re doing qualitative research by conducting interviews. Asking clear and neutral questions, putting the person being interviewed at ease, intervening and getting to the bottom of things, these are all skills that you can acquire by practicing and practicing. This can be done effectively through online training as Utrecht University proves.

Download this case study to see:
  • How the Earth Sciences faculty trains interview techniques online
  • How dr. Van Liempt designed her own training
  • If students give each other feedback
  • How students are graded in a final test
  • An example report based on real data

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Deloitte: "You can get lots of practice online, and people enjoy it"


Efficiency is the main reason for Deloitte to team up with TrainTool, since time is surely the most important production factor for a service company. Moreover, you can practice as much as you like in an online training, where and whenever you want, if there is a computer or a mobile device available.

Gwenda van Hooff, learning advisor at Deloitte, talks about these and other advantages of TrainTool's online training in this case study. How much participants enjoy it and how they achieve better results, to name a few.

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MetrixLab: "E-learning is ideal for an international company"

metrixlab case studies

After fifteen turbulent years of growth, it was time for MetrixLab to reflect on the story which is used by their employees to introduce the office to customers. The market research company commissioned TrainTool to develop the training MetrixLab: The Story.

Download this case study for:
  • The reason MetrixLab commissioned the training
  • Advantages of e-training for international organisations
  • Differences between cultures
  • The effect of the training on sales consultants and managers

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Lekkerland: "It’s very informative to see yourself in recordings"

lekkerland online training

Wholesale and logistical service provider Lekkerland supplies 9,000 clients throughout The Netherlands with food and non-food products, tobacco and beverages. The service Lekkerland offers is an important component of this organization’s success. In order to improve their customer focus, Lekkerland’s employees receive an online training program, ‘Conversational Anchors’, by TrainTool.

Download this case study for:
  • The experiences with the TrainTool method
  • Finding out how Lekkerland reached 100% participation
  • 5 tips from Saskia Bakker for complete participation

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Coolblue: "‘The right conversation at the right time’ can be practiced really well online"


Dutch tech forum Tweakers awarded Coolblue the title of ‘Best webshop of 2013-2014’. However, next to 300 webshops, Coolblue now also has seven physical stores in The Netherlands and Belgium. The company’s philosophy: to give customers that make the change from a digital to a physical store the best service. The key to success is well-trained and skilled staff, according to retail manager Marc van Elderen. He likes to work with TrainTool’s online trainings in order to achieve this.

Download this case study for:
  • Insight into Coolblue's training process
  • Explanation about meeting the training needs
  • An overview of the results
  • 10 advantages of online training according to Marc van Elderen 

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Rabobank: "When you see how it works, you're convinced."

Rabobank case study

Employees at Rabobank Utrecht have to switch from 'helping the customer' to 'helping the customer to do it themselves online.' That requires different consulting skills. Manager Christiaan van der Feltz came upon TrainTool in his search for a way of training that fitted the bank's strategy: promoting online services. The bank employees are enthusiastic about TrainTool's training and Rabobank Utrecht reaches their strategic goal.

Download this case study for

  • Explanation about filling in the training needs
  • Experiences of the client and participants
  • Insight in the achieved results

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Praxis: "Frequent practice is essential"


Customer friendliness is high on the agenda of many Retail companies. But what if the customer is not friendly, or even aggressive? There are 600 of these incidents every day in The Netherlands, meaning this is a real problem. This has been reason enough for Praxis, a large Dutch DIY chain, to train their employees in handling aggression. In 2014 the training was heavily revised in collaboration with TrainTool and Crime Control, says Head of Personal Development Merel Vollenberg.

Download this case study for:

  • Results from a year long training in handling agression
  • Insight in how Praxis combines online training with assault prevention
  • Practical questions and answers, such as the devices used for training

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Gennep Town Hall: "I'm very proud of the result"


Employees on the phone or at the front desk are a large influence in the citizens’ ratings. This is why they needed to be trained and skilled in serving the customers as best as they can, in this day and age. In this case study you'll read how the Town Hall of Gennep has experienced the training ‘Excellent Service’, and to what results it has lead. We talked about this with Customer Contact Centre Manager Henrie Janssen.

Download this case study for:

  • Research about citizen satisfaction
  • Results of the training
  • Advantages of online training according to Gennep

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