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We help organizationsdevelop the soft skills of large groups of employees.

Because we believe in the power of soft skills. And because we are not afraid to state that we are your best choice for this type of challenges. 

We offer thousands of employees a personal learning path that measurably adds to your organizational goal.

We translate a thorough understanding of your organization and the latest educational insights into the smartest ‘blend’ of software, relevant content and personal coaching.

soft skills ontwikkeling
soft skills ontwikkeling
soft skills ontwikkeling
soft skills ontwikkeling

Who you will be working with


Marijn de Geus
Co-founder & CEO

After working as a management consultant at PWC and the likes for 10 years, Marijn ran a successful assessment company for years. Out of this practice, he developed the idea for TrainTool, where - as co-founder and CEO - he shapes the vision for soft skills development. He regularly writes about the industry and has multiple advisory roles.

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Peter van der Reijden
Co-founder & CCO

When technology meets humans, Peter gets energized. He worked at two fast-growing companies as a marketeer and graduated cum laude at the RSM Erasmus University. With Marijn he started TrainTool, where he is responsible for the domestic and international growth. Combining a strong technological and consultancy background, he consults on large-scale interventions.

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Boudewijn van der Velde
Head of Software 

Boudewijn worked for the biggest web development companies in the Netherlands before switching to Philips. As a product manager, he oversaw the development of an application that stimulates thousands of people worldwide to live a healthier life. At TrainTool, Boudewijn is responsible for the product roadmap and manages the R&D department.

irene van vliet

Irene van Vliet
Head of Account Success

There are not many people that can boast the level of experience in online learning Irene has gathered in her career. After various roles in the advertising, movie and televion sector, she worked her way up to team lead online learning and member of the management team at TinQwise. At TrainTool, she is responsible for the happiness of the biggest customers.

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