In TrainTool, students practice their professional communication skills

Effective addition to classroom teaching

For students

  • TrainTool in het onderwijs 1
    Practice online


    Actively practice skills in the online learning environment on a laptop or smartphone. 

  • TrainTool in het onderwijs 2
    Just like the real thing

    Online video role plays

    React to realistic practical situations by recording a video of your own reaction. 

  • TrainTool in het onderwijs 3
    Loads of feedback

    Learning by doing

    Feedback from fellow students, the teacher, or AI coach Alix. 

  • TrainTool in het onderwijs 4
    Blended learning

    Valuable addition

    Classroom teaching becomes more efficient and effective thanks to individual preparation in TrainTool.

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    More focus, less time

    Insight for the teacher

    One environment for progress, giving feedback, and student reactions.

10+ years of experience in education

This is what students say


  • Professional skills
    review: 10
    “I feel that this exercise has helped much more than just reading about these topics.”
  • Professional skills
    review: 8
    “Before using TrainTool, I sometimes found it difficult to be concise and clear in my descriptions or explanations. Working with TrainTool has helped me to convey the right content at the right time.”
  • Intercultural effeciveness
    review 8
    “At first, it felt awkward to talk to a screen but I soon got used to it. In this training module, I learned how to deal with different cultures and how I can react to different situations.”
  • Motivational conversation skills
    review: 9
    “It is an interesting, interactive way of applying motivational interviewing directly in a defined, familiar setting, in preparation for applying it in practice.”
  • Skilled Communication in Technology
    review: 8
    “It is a great environment to learn in and you can ask for feedback.”
  • Leadership: communicating with empathy
    review: 8
    “Fun exercises, not too long, and good examples in the preparation.”
  • Basic Communication Kinesitherapy
    review: 8
    “It was a rather unique experience. You try something you haven't done before and you learn a lot from it.”
  • Networking
    review: 8
    “It teaches me how to react in specific situations that you would otherwise hardly be prepared for.”

Efficient and effective education

By selecting TrainTool, teachers choose more space in their lessons.

"Students are much better prepared"

First year medical students of the Radboud University learn the basics of conversation skills in TrainTool. Lecturer Remco Haringhuizen explains.


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