Instant feedback

Alix is an application of artificial intelligence that allows students to receive comprehensive, substantive feedback on their video role plays in TrainTool within a minute. As a result, teachers spend much less, if any, time giving feedback.

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Substantive feedback

Alix understands what students say, even if they use different words from those in the model. The focus is not on keywords, but on the actual meaning. The models are constantly being improved based on student feedback.

alix feedback-1

Large numbers of students

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for as many as hundreds of participants to take a program at the same time and provide feedback in the same way every time. The load on teachers is minimal. Teachers can decide if they want to provide additional feedback, or let Alix do the work. In this way, Alix collaborates with the teacher.

alix grote groepen2

Real-time response

Alix is super fast: as soon as the student completes the role-play, feedback follows. This keeps students engaged and motivated, and increases the learning effect. The detailed and specific feedback makes Alix nothing like the behavior of a chatbot.

alix realtime feedback

Start with an intake scan

With the intake scan students show their initial level: to what extent do they already master the requested skill and what can still be learned? Afterwards, the final measurement is taken so that the difference can be clearly seen.

alix scan

Happy students

Participants are very enthusiastic about Alix's feedback; students know they are getting feedback through AI. They mention the speed and practicality as pluses and even compliment Alix for providing good feedback.

alix blije deelnemers
Informative and justified feedback

Students about Alix

Quick, accurate and innovative.

  • University Antwerp
    review score: 10
    “You learn a lot from Alix's feedback, practicing also makes you improve”
  • University of Groningen
    review score: 7
    “Fine training and chill feedback from Alix”
  • KU Leuven
    review score: 9
    “Er zijn zeker belangrijke delen naar voren gekomen die ik anders niet had gezegd of had 'genegeerd'. Ook de hulp van Alix als feedback is zeer handig. Ik raad het dus zeker aan. ”

Awarded at the Learning Awards


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